Buy Media

The Online and Mobile digital medium has much to offer to the advertiser: precise targeting, real-time analytics and a high level of consumer interaction, making online media buying a crucial component of any marketing product, application or online and mobile campaign.

With a constant influx of new opportunities that are available in the market to consider, WiCis-Media specializes in offering transparent ranking and feedback through constant communication with our advertising partners. We have the experience to determine what are the best internet buys to reach your marketing goals, and user acquisition goals. Whether you’re seeking ROI, brand awareness, engagement, trial or a combination of these, we can help make you to make it happen.

Our buying plans include:

- Negotiation of the best ad buys, for either performance or branding for online and mobile advertising

- Planning - Execution

- Trafficking and optimization

- Reporting

- Billing

Internet Buys are place based on the following basis: flat fee based, cost-per-click, cost-per-impression and cost-per-action.