WiCis-Media CPR (Campaign Performance Review)

On-the-Go Tracking for our Customers!


What is Wicis-Media CPR (Campaign Performance Review)?

It's a tool that allows you to track performance on any number of campaigns that you have placed with us. You can follow your campaigns individually or as groups on ANY device or platform and in REAL TIME.

What metrics does CPR follow?

WiCis-Media CPR allows you configure dashboards with different widgets to best follow your campaigns.

Widget setup for a typical CPR dashboard


How many widgets to you have?

At this time, we have some 20 widgets. See partial list in screenshot above.

How many dashboards can I set up?

You can set up as many as you want for a given campaign.

Can I track the progress of my campaign graphically?

Sure, both on your smartphone or on your desktop. And you can pull up graphs for any widget in your dsashboard.


Tracking your revenues graphically on-the-go and in real time


How often are your widgets updated with campaign information?

At least once per minute - but in certain cases our system will be even faster. This means that you can follow any number of campaigns, unique clicks, conversions, revenue, with updates every minute with geo-location. This puts you and WiCis-Media in the driver's seat when it comes to campaign performance.

If I have many different campaigns on CPR, can a view them as a group?

Our central viewing allows you to view multiple campaigns simultaneously, and group them with them by widgets. For instance, you can view 10 campaigns simultaneously for revenue.

Can I group my results by geographical location?

Of course, and this is an important way to optimize campaigns. All widgets have a "Geo" button which allows you to easily see this.

What ad-servers do you connect to?

WiCis-Media CPR can connect to any ad-server that has an APÏ for this purpose. Integration for any server we don't have is usually quick. We connect today to the major ad-servers in the industry.

We use both iPhones and Samsung at work (Android). Does your system work on both these platforms?

WiCis-Media CPR works on iPhones, Samsung, Blackberry, and Windows phones. On your desktop, you can also work with it if you use Apple, Windows, or even Linux!

Can I see projected monthly totals?

Yes, all widgets have a button that allows one to project a widget's total for the current month.

Can I set alerts for my widgets?

You can set upper and lower limits for any widget. Numbers will automatically become RED when a value is outside these limits. 

Can I see results as tables?

Yes of course, and we parse the results by countries so you can better target your intended audience - all this in real time!       

CPR running on desktop for Windows 10